Early Phase Research (Phase I-II)
A successful trial begins with good site selection. Genelife Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. utilizes experienced project managers and site startup manager to assist in the recruitment of key investigators for the complex programs launched in the early phase.
Genelife Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. offers a full range of services for Phase I-II clinical trials including study design, protocol development, medical oversight from practicing physicians, site monitoring, regulatory affairs, database development, biostatistics and data management. We also have proven expertise in order to bring their novel biologic candidates through the translational research.
We have developed early phase units within hospitals in India, Singapore and Germany. This provide direct emergency room access to the subject which is ideal for early phase study. Genelife Clinical Research has developed an automated system for site feasibility and section of early phase clinical trials to select sites suitable for phase I-II studies.

End Point Studies and Observational Studies (Phase III-IV)
Genelife Clinical Research Pvt. Ltd. has extensive experience in conducting End point clinical trials and Observational clinical Trials in different therapeutic areas.

Genelife Clinical Research innovates and carries-out sponsors’ programs by utilizing Genelife Clinical Research internal professionals, consultants, investigators as well as leveraging our extended Global Resources. Genelife Clinical Research has created an infrastructure that is based upon some of the most experienced program and project managers, seasoned principal investigators, and Academicians who can smoothly guide any project from the bench to the bedside with unparalleled speed.

Genelife Clinical Research offers unique access and optimal utilization of opinion leaders, principal investigators, clinics, special subject populations, regulatory venues, and other trial resources. Understanding and leveraging the unique peculiarities of different regulatory venues, longstanding relations with renowned opinion leaders, Principal Investigators, and clinics, as well as in-depth understanding of the patient pool, are all the components of Genelife Clinical Research’s ability to deliver Global clinical research excellence. Our rigorous quality checks and SOPs make our data acceptable to the any regulatory body in the world.